I was born the 18/4-1944 . My DAD misspelled my name with Reus instead of the correct Reuss , thus my "scientific" name is Reus whereas my juridical one is Reuss .After School from 1951 to 1956 i went to the Danish Mellemskole in the small city of Tinglev where i spent 4 years ! After this I spent 3 years in the Katedralskole in RIBE ! From there I went to Copenhagen university from 1963 to 1967 ! At 1967 I married and WE had 7 children at my doctorate 1975 .My scientific teachers were BÝrge Jessen , Bent Fuglede and Esben Kehlet ! I did mainly research on analysis , descriptive topology and settheory and applications to functional analysis ! I did spend 4 years in KTAS`s Research and development department where I worked t.ex. on traffic theory ! I am 65 years and for the moment I am invalid pensioneer from my position as Associate prof. of mathematics at Copenhagen university !

Prof.Emeritus Dr. Phil. Jens Peter Reuss Christensen
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