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The Biblical view of knowledge of the future:

The creator and sovereign ruler of the universe is the ONLY person who has real reliable and complete knowledge of the future ! In fact  he personally views this as proof that he is the true God compared to each and all false Gods . In fact the Bible claims more than this - its is better to say that God CONTROLS the future because he creates it:

Isaiah 42:9 Behold, the former things are come to pass, and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.--Matthew 24:36 But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.--Jeremiah 1:12 Then said the LORD unto me, Thou hast well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.

To be wiser then Daniel is a proverb in ( Jewish ) antiquity - the following verse is to a King of  Tyros but it is quite reasonable to understand it as directed to the Prince of Darkness himself , the demon (false God - Moloch ) who controlled this King , of course there is a considerable element of irony in it :

Ezekiel 28:3 Behold, thou art wiser than Daniel; there is no secret that they can hide from thee:

The simplest statement of what the devil knows of the future perhaps is :

Revelation 12:12 Therefore rejoice, ye heavens, and ye that dwell in them. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! for the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time.

No doubt he would like to know more , but he only knows time is short and it is urgent for him to exact his revenge to the largest extent possible.  All intelligent CREATED beings in the university has only a limited knowledge of the future , some more some less. The demons may share their evil plans and strictly limited knowledge of the future with humans who serve them , this explains soothsaying is to a limited extent possible but a sin for which the guilty

( unrepentant ) will pay with his/her soul. And :

Amos 3:7 Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealed his secret unto his servants the prophets.

God may share parts of his knowledge with humans , whomever and whatever he decides ! This explains true prophecy is possible to the extent God decides. Of course if knowledge of the future is available to man this may guide his act to prevent an undesired future . Hitler knew Israel was prophesied to be established and by killing all Jews was determined to prevent it. Of course this was one very strong force who guaranteed that it did indeed happen ! Advanced physics such as quantum mechanics and General relativity does not throw much light on our human understanding of  relations between past and future . That's simply because such theories are only of limited validity i.e. they can throw light on the relation between past and future only in relative simple physical models. Past-future in the sense of the above essay we could call Chronological-historical time and it is no doubt different from past-future in simple physical models and also different from Past-future in models ( Cosmic ) for the whole universe .
A pro-Palestinian Arab view:

A: What do you mean by saying yourself to be pro-Palestinian Arab ? You are a third rate fundamentalists and you hate Arafat as far as I know!

M: I do hate some of the acts of this Chieftain - it is really hard to see why this should be incompatible

with being pro-Palestinian Arab , after all Arafat is responsible for far more cruel deaths of Arabs then of Israeli Jews ! 

A: So you dislike Jews !?

M: Even if many Arabs do dislike Jews and this has a long tradition , I insist that I can be pro-Palestine Arab without disliking Jews ! I am not obliged to defend each and every act of each and every Israeli Jew or each act of each and every Israeli government ,  but I do insist that when threatened with war and the annihilation of  Israel the Jews must have the right to destroy all enemies having such intentions as to example "poetically" expressed in Psalm 83 , especially when those intentions is proved amply by their acts !

A: So you are against the Rights of the Palestinians ?

M: "The rights of the Palestinians" as a self defined right to undo the Establishment of the State of Israel and where moderation is a willingness to Tolerate a small fraction of the Israeli Jews as second rate citizens in the Muslim sense ( dhimmis ) and to REMOVE from Israel all other Jews - well I happen to be against this !

A: The "Rights of the Palestinians" of course will be defined by the authorities of the State of Palestine and I am afraid the Arabs will never consider the likes of you as other than enemies!

M: This might be so , but those who encourages the Palestinian Arabs on a path which can only lead to utter destruction , more lost wars , sickness and poverty - they are friends ?? And those who points Biological weapons in their direction with microorganisms who can hardly tell a difference between a Jew and a Arab they are friends ??

A: You are against the Peace process ??

M: I am sorely afraid there will only be a lasting peace when the Messiah comes .
Lex Israeli

This is part of international Law which derives from various UN-resolutions. It is often abbreviated to the " no permissibility of acquiring territory by war " . This formulation is rather misleading since it is only for Israel , such things are not permitted ! The rule is rather new in International Law , where the  rule has until recently been the Latin proverb " vae victis " !! This of course means that the loser in a war ( bellum justum or not ! ) might lose everything both life and territory ! Cruel ? Of course it is as cruel as life can be , but it might encourage not to risk a war , if such can be avoided . The new rule is intended to make it less risky to wage war against Israel , a habit which poor Arabs has had for some time - when they have time to spare from the inter-Arab wars !
What is anti-Semitism ?

The old Testament such as to example Psalm 83 does NOT distinguish between hatred of the Jews and hatred of their God as he is revealed in Moses-Prophets and Psalms ! Therefore anti-Semitism in the old testament sense can be defined as simple as hate of the Jews OR RATHER THEIR GOD . Indeed when today's anti-Semites try to define themselves one often find a particular animosity to a God who dared to covenant with the patriarchs Abraham,Isaach and Jacob. The definition still covers most known variants of anti-Semitism today.

What is Christian Anti-Semitism ?

Anti-Semitism in a Historical cultural space with a partially "Christian" background should be considered no different then other forms of antisemitism ! This will mean that one can have ( examples would not be difficult to find aplenty)  "Christians " who at least formally believes in the " King of the Jews " , a Jew who believed the God of Israel his father in a unique sense , to be their Savior . Still they may very well subconsciously Hate the God of Israel and all Jews (which unfortunately for them will include their Savior !! ) . Even if I am also Christian , I do not dare to say they are not ( this I shall leave for a higher Judge ) but their pagan background makes them to more or less unconsciously hate the Jewish elements in their Christian faith among them their Savior who were indeed a Jew , and they are in need of repentance being Christians or not !!


The present author has often felt irritated about the manifest anti-Semitism on the net which includes a couple of Muslim Jew haters on the net, of people who all call themselves Antizionists and becomes very insulted when it is doubted how different is Antizionism ( delegitimization of Jewish Nationalism and traditions ) from Anti-Semitism ( delegitimization of the Jews AND their God ). And what subject could interest our Antizionists more then a sermon filled with their prejudices, until they realized that they had been had fun with ??  

But the true real-life Antizionists mean of course something different then my "mathematical definition of a Zionists" . As one who otherwise were delighted that I finally gave the ..  ..  .. Zionists their desert wrote me, my definition lacked the common plan purpose and secret leadership which usually are understood as belonging to a conspiracy. He were true of course! But I had to restrict the nonsense of the writing, such that the existence of the conspiracy should not at once be a problem!! The real-life Antizionist is also far more blasphemic then I could bring myself to . That is paradoxically true even if he is atheist! Then he just has a little more to blame on the Zionists ( in older time called Jews ). 

And when the punishment from God (and the Jewish Messiah)  finally comes on the totally unrepentant enemies of Jews and Israels God they will speak about their misfortunes and the cruelty of God and the Zionist Messiah. It is all a Zionist conspiracy from Time immemorial as ISAIAH amply documents. 

Is it a blasphemy to quote ( as I did and even now do ) ISAIAH as something which has a literal (easily understandable ) meaning?? Is this not saying God is cruel?? Although Christian and not Jewish I know it is a principle of Jewish understanding of Prophecy and ought to be of Christian interpretations also , not to remove literal meaning especially when such meaning is almost the only one who makes sense. And this is a healthy principle to avoid the arbitrariness of allegoric understanding! Furthermore it is only for unrepentant enemies of Zion , that those prophecies can be threatening!!

Suppose that when the Messiah comes , he finds his enemies in the process of killing all Jews in a way which almost makes Hitler a boy scout ( indeed this seem to be what some prophets say will be the case )? Then even a pacifist can understand that some bloody cleaning must be done before the Prince of Peace can establish his rule. All this to explain the parody of Anti-Semitism below - a parody cannot of course be good unless it has an element of seriousness !!


Sermon on the Zionist Conspiracy in the Jewish scriptures. Its bad to start a sermon with a mathematical definition, but Zionism and its negation has been confused and distorted so often that  precision is necessary. By a conspiracy we mean a group of loosely connected people who spiritually " breathes together " i.e. who feels a certain fellowship in sharing common beliefs and value systems even if they may place emphasis at different places. We see that a conspiracy can cover geographically the whole earth and in Time several millenia.This is indeed the case for the international Zionist conspiracy which are with us now for the almost 4000 years since the time of Abraham.

A member of this dangerous ( for AntiZionists !! )conspiracy is anybody who praise the Lord for his eternal Covenant with Abraham (valid for as long as Sun and Moon does their duty!! ) and delights in the prospect of the speedy mutual implementation of all stipulations and mutual obligations of this covenant. Their understanding of what the covenant means may differ greatly , but they are equally dangerous to poor Antizionists.

The Zionist conspiracy versus the AntiZionist is one of those pairs who will last only a limited if painful time. Eventually even if it takes millennia one of the two will win and force everyone and everything who don't want death to take its view. Clearly the Zionists expect to have the last laugh. Maybe this is because they believe God is a Zionist! The self presentation of God in Genesis as " God of your fathers, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob .. " is typically for such presentations. And Gods self confession in Isaiah Ch 62, v1

" For Zion's sake I will not keep silent ,

for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet,

till her righteousness shines out like the dawn,

her salvation like a blazing torch.."

is just typical for Many similar quotes. Indeed looking for evidence

in Jewish scriptures of such arrogance one simply drowns in material.

Another strength of the Zionists conspiracy is their concept of the Messiah. It is a divinely ordained and appointed King who comes from God and puts tings in order according to the Zionist view of things. What this means in concrete terms we can see in Isaiah Ch.63 : 

1) Who is this coming from Edom, from Bosra with his garments stained crimson? Who is this robed in splendor, striding forward in the greatness of his strength ?


2) Why are your garments red, like those of one treading the winepress ?


The prophet ask and the Messiah answers (in Capital Letters ) in this poem.

Edom is a symbolic collective term for all AntiZionists as a collective entity.Bozrah ( capital of the real Edom )is the prophetic euphemism for the command centers of the Antizionist powers. What the Messiah are supposed to do there probably need no further interpretation!

Again having the good intention of collecting material from prophets and psalms about what the Messiah is supposed to do ( AND HOW!) I drowned in material pointing in the same direction. An AntiZionists who wants to remain so and believes it should be so may as well jump the train right away.

And make no mistake , the Zionists does believe it in one form or the other.

An Antizionist might trust Christians to much for the evident Antizionism of leading Church leaders from Chrysostomos to Martin Luther. This history of

an evident Antizionism of some Church leaders in History might give to much optimism. I am not a Lutheran , but I have indeed spoken to " fundamentalist Lutherans" who where not Antizionists. It sounds crazy but it seems they have read censored translations of his (Luthers!) works, so they are honestly unaware of some of his most important work. The founder of the Christian faith

however were a Zionist as is evident from Christian scripture. This undeniable fact may contribute to lack of stability in Christian Antizionism.

The Muslim faith had a founder who were consistently Antizionist all his life as " prophet " .Even if he formally accepted Jewish and Christian scripture as valid, he insisted that everything in them who contradicted his message were Zionist ( or Christian ) interpolations. And this meant most of Jewish and Christian scriptures and presumably would include the quotes from Isaiah above. 

Our best advice for the poor AntiZionists we get from Historic accounts of important if provisional AntiZionist victories such as the Nebukadnesar the Romans etc. The Zionists can be ferocious in battle , but as soon as the Zionist can be fooled into a civil war , the poor Antizionists can become hopeful .Such schemes remains in millennia one of the best AntiZionist strategies.

Is the Holocaust really a worse crime than the many other mass murders of the last century ?

The last century has indeed been the century of mass murder mainly for political reasons among other pretenses . Often Antizionists claims that the Zionists uses the "so-called" Holocaust ( which can even be denied in part or totally ) to instill a bad conscience in Antizionists ( as if that were possible !!) in order to obtain money and other political capital . They claim that many other people suffered much more . There is no doubt that the mass murderers Lenin/Stalin/Mao etc. murdered a larger number of human beings ( for political reasons - t.ex. communists of various shades used politically created famines to kill fantastic numbers ). Also Hitler murdered for various reasons many millions not excluding Germans . Our Antizionists claims the Holocaust (when they don't deny it altogether ) is a minor thing in comparison!?  Of course it is not reasonable to just note the fact that the number of other murdered human beings were larger than the number of murdered Jews. It is important but perhaps not even decisive that perhaps two thirds of the Jewish people were murdered . What is really different is the slightly deeper motives of the perpetrators and the Tradition in which the Holocaust stands . Hitler's motives and eo ipso many other Antizionists motives is as much hatred to the God of the Jews as to the physical Jewish persons killed . In fact Psalm 83 indicates that this has been the case almost from the time of Abraham to today in an increasing scale . Using this model a "Christian" Antizionist is involved ( perhaps/hopefully unknowingly ) in a pagan reaction to the Jewish elements of his faith . Also this model indicates that more might come and no country can be immune . Indeed it implies that the Holocaust is indeed unique , whatever might be the precise numbers killed .And it justifies the curse in Psalm 83 over the UNREPENTANT Antizionists " May they ever be ashamed and dismayed , may they perish in disgrace . AMEN " .

Abrahams wife's and Children!

It often happens even for " Christian theologians " that they claim Muslims erroneously says Abraham had 8 children , but they knows he had only Ishmael by the concubine Hagar and Isaac by his first wife Sara . This author is Christian not Jew or Muslim . I have never heard Jews say such nonsense but unfortunately only Christians (and I am Christian!!) , who thereby proves their ignorance of the old Testament!

Genesis 25:1 Then again Abraham took a wife, and her name was Keturah.

This was after the death of Sara and 6 sons were born to Abraham by this wife ! Chapter 25 in Genesis gives names of the Chieftains of those Arab tribes descended from those 6 sons And from Ishmael and Esau . However it is Biblical ( in agreement with both the old and new Testament ) that Abraham's Covenant with God by Gods own decision should be inheritable in the Line Isaac and Jacob . The other sons were to be blessed also but not inherit the Covenant .

"The Last days Of Israel"

This recent book of the Zionist Book club has a frightening FrontPage. A clock is swimming in the sea, I guess it is ticking the time to the next major war , which seems not far away . Sharks are swimming in the water smelling ( I guess) cheap Jewish blood. A lot of it has been spilled in the year 2000 and the sharks are now hungry (as happened before in history ). Warplanes are seen in the air. The content of the book has its center of gravity in an abbreviated but updated ( it appeared at the end of year 2000 ) description of the Rabin murder , and the many dark secrets connected with it . In fact the author does his best to expose some of the “secrets” . Now for the sake of argument lets assume he is more or less correct in his theories. Then one has to look back to the Arlosoroff murder ( before Israeli statehood ) which now seems to be a result of an internal power struggle in the leadership of Labor (the most important party was the later Mapai ). That Labor were only partially successful in blaming this murder on the late Begins movement Herut was not for want of trying ! We shall not mention names here but History is interesting and important ….

Barry Chamish claims more or less that an internal power struggle in the Labour party in Israel resulted in the Rabin murder . Although the security service is now in relatively poor shape because of political appointments of people who have reached their level long ago ( of incompetence ) , the explanation of the fact , that the security service did NOT protect their formal head Rabin ,  is a bit more sinister then plain incompetence . What is worse is that Chamish does not only claim but unfortunately for some people he documents too . In fact his habit of documentation plays a role in the failure of Shimon Peres to becomes  President of the State of  Israel ( a job who gives only nominal powers but ….). In addition to this Rabin murder , who ( except for the fact that it seems to have been done a lot more incompetently especially in the cover-up phase ) has some similarities to the Kennedy murder , Barry Chamish describes an enormous amount of money wise corruption . Also unfortunately for SOME its even easier to document beyond reasonable doubt that this situation is really THAT bad . Of course in most countries money to election purposes are “organized” with a charming lack of conscience and utter disregard of the law and has a tendency to flow at least partly into black holes in the pockets of some politicians . But in Israel the very security of the state is compromised by the fact that politicians can be blackmailed by foreigners who is in the know , if only because they did pay . Barry Chamish is too pessimistic ! Israel will win in the coming war but will have to pay a steeper price than had really been needed . Because of this , and for the time being the almost daily harvest of a handful of dead Jews , his dark mood is perhaps understandable. Israel is one of the few countries in the world where those secrets could have been exposed ! In fact there is a handful of other authors who has only marginally ( but still interesting ) different stories to tell , some of those are discussed in the book. The internet also makes it more difficult to suppress such secrets then it were before !

The Fascist legacy of the 1968 ...

In 1968 there was over most of the Western world the so-called Student-revolution ! In Denmark the development were similar to most of the Western world ! Hardly has a movement been that evil in its basic core despite some rare exceptions ! Who was supported and admired by MOST of the Students ...?? The obvious answer to this tells the story! One cant admire political mass murderers with great Romantic zeal without being utterly corrupted as MOST were! The leaders of this so-called "revolution" have now appointed themselves to leaders of the Western world using mainly the network of Freemasonry and similar political tools . NO they are indeed covering ALL of the political spectrum , so Left <---> Right makes NO sense ! And they have among other things a deep hate to Israel in common and often they does admire Yasser Arafat as a hero . If it is not evil then what are ...??

The Present status of antisemitism all over the world !

Evil : Do you support Bush ?!

Me:No I think he is antisemitic although he MIGHT hide it better then did DAD! 

Evil : Really I am happy to hear you dont support him ! But why have I the impression that you still support most of his acts ..?

Me: I think he serves what he thinks is the interest of the United States of America and I cannot support all of this but only some of it !

Evil : Why such nonsense ! Is it not the duty of the president to see to the interest of his own country !

Me : YES ! But the problem is that what you see depends on the Eyes who see and his perception of the interests ....

Evil: Why do you still think he is antisemitic , when you agree with his unprovoked attack on IRAQ ??

Me: I think that the most wicked leader has a natural right to defend his own country when it is attacked on its own soil !! Since this is the case with the United State , I think they are justified in hitting back even much more then has happened ! He is antisemitic since he is threatening ISRAEL and  ANY president of the United States , WHO RULES WITH POLLARD IN PRISON  makes himself one with the VERY extreme antisemites in ministry of Foreign Affairs and CIA/FBI ! 

But God is patient to a certain level and many Americans thinks as I do !

Evil: It seems the Americanos have increasing doubts that perhaps USA is helping Israel to much !

Me : That Might well be so , for the sake of USA I hope not ! It could well be the end of USA ( as we know it more or less ) but it will not be the end of Israel !

Evil : Thus you are really Antiamerican ?? The socalled Christian Americans ?

Me : I am not ! And although especially the CIA ( perhaps the FBI too ) are antisemitic , I think the Americans feels quite a bit Schizophrenic to the Jews . Most of the leading politicians are Freemasons not Christians ! And the Masons are a pagan religion who hates Christianity and Judaism ! But MANY Americans are Christians or Jews and feel sorry for the EVIL acts of their top leaders , when they know them ! I wish the Americans VICTORY in IRAQ !

Evil : Those imperialistic warmongers !

Me : They were attacked on their own soil - what can be more reasonable than to repay "raw meat for unsweetened Juice " as a Danish proverb says . May they win !!

Thursday 6.08.2009 August!!